Review Policy

Hi, and welcome to the review policy page of Joanne’s Book Blog! It’s mainly a page for review considerations from any publicists, authors, and agents to use and refer to. Feel free to contact me by sending me an email at

The book formats that I accept are those of below:

  • e-Book for Kindle Paperwhite (kindle file or PDF)
  • Physical Copy (both paperback and hardback)
  • Advanced Readers Copies (digital formats accepted as well)

I am more than welcome to accept books of any genre and age, but I prefer Young Adult books, so please keep that in mind. Also, here are the main genres that I like to read, but if you believe that I will be interested in your offer, also feel free to contact me nonetheless:

  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Other Genres that I have read and don’t mind:
    • Mystery
    • Contemporary

Depending on my schedule, if I am free, I am most likely to post my review within one week after I received the book. If I have a more busy schedule, it would take two weeks after I received the book.

All reviews will be purely out of my personal thoughts and opinions, and it will not be biased because of other reviews by the internet or peers, relationship with the author, nor will it be affected by the fact that this certain author is my favorite.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you can find what you’re looking for :)

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Joanne Lumiere

Joanne is the narcissistic founder of her book blog, Joanne Lumiere. Born and raised in Hong Kong, this 18 year old brat is currently attending college in Los Angeles, and still doesn't know how to read books with sophistication, and yet she runs a blog.