In August, 2018, I brought my friend to the MORI Building teamlab Borderless light projection exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. As expected, there was nothing but awe once you step into the exhibition.

You start off in a butterfly room, where colorful and vibrant butterflies fly -project- across the room. And with that amazement, you know you want to go beyond it to see the rest of the exhibition.


You enter the land of flowers, where every wall, floor, ceiling is filled with all types of flower projections, blossoming and dying, moving and fading, flowing through space as you get lost in the land of petals.
You lose track of time and not sure where you’re going anymore until you find another room you want to explore.


The room of seasons and lotus leafs, the room of raining crystals, the room of storming waves. Even the galaxy trampoline.


They told you you were gonna get lost in this exhibition, and they really weren’t joking about it.

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Joanne Lumiere

Joanne is the narcissistic founder of her book blog, Joanne Lumiere. Born and raised in Hong Kong, this 18 year old brat is currently attending college in Los Angeles, and still doesn't know how to read books with sophistication, and yet she runs a blog.

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