Upcoming Reviews

Joanne’s Upcoming Reviews:

  1. Again, But Better
  2. Nexus
  3. Outlander
  4. The Red Scrolls of Magic
  5. Aurora Rising
  6. Legendary
  7. Unravel Me
  8. Ignite Me
  9. Restore Me
  10. Wicked Fox
  11. The Orphan’s Song
  12. Cursed
  13. The Starless Sea
  14. There Will Come a Darkness
  15. Angel Mage
  16. Wicked as you Wish
  17. Shadowscent
  18. Tarnished are the Stars
  19. Here there are Monsters
  20. Reverie
  21. Ghosts of the Shadow Market
  22. The Beast
  23. The Bone Houses
  24. Past Perfect Life
  25. Hurricane Season
  26. All the Impossible Things
  27. Roman Count Down
  28. Akarnae

Ava’s Upcoming Reviews

  1. Kiersten White’s Slayer
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Joanne Lumiere

Joanne is the narcissistic founder of her book blog, Joanne Lumiere. Born and raised in Hong Kong, this 18 year old brat is currently attending college in Los Angeles, and still doesn't know how to read books with sophistication, and yet she runs a blog.