Book Review: Paris: Through a Fashion Eye – Megan Hess

A review that’s something a little different from what I usually do :)

Who says you can only have fiction in your life?


Name: Paris: Through a Fashion Eye
Author: Megan Hess
Publisher: Hardie Grant
Release Date: October 17, 2017


Paris is an illustrated guide to one of the world’s most-loved fashion cities by one of the world’s most-successful fashion illustrators. In the second of her series of books on classic fashion destinations, Megan Hess takes you on a super stylish adventure through the French capital, showing you the best places for a fashionista to eat, sleep, shop and play – all illustrated in her inimitable, elegant style.

Megan’s tour reveals where fashion icons such as Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfield, Chistian Dior and Louis-François Cartier worked and played, the top restaurants, hotels, boutiques and sites to visit, as well as Megan’s own personal favorite places to shop. This is a must-have insider’s guide to Paris for any fashion lover or Francophile.

Book Cover Comments

It’s a fashion book for petes sake. If the cover dissapoints you, then it has failed its purpose to show you the charms of fashion before we begin on Paris. The simple sketch-like design, accentuated by hints of pink and its rose gold border (not to mention the rose gold spray pages) brings out the tinge of gorgeousness and luxury that everyone needs in their lives.

The Actual Review

I saw this book at B&N and couldn’t resist picking it up. It was gorgeous!

I love fiction, but sometimes, non-fiction is great as well, considering the fact that I am a encyclopedia-in-the-works.

Paris was a super fun book to read: not only do we get to see beautiful fashion illustrations by Megan Hess, renowned fashion illustrator who has worked for numerous big fashion companies, we also get to see Paris the eyes of Hess, and as the title says, through a fashion eye.

From tourist spots such as the Lourve to the Eiffel Tower, Hess doesn’t miss out a single detail when it comes to fashion sights: the Atelier of Dior, the apartment of Coco Chanel, all the way to the Ritz spa. Nothing isn’t not related to fashion as Hess refreshes us with known knowledge and blesses us with even more knowledge about Parisian fashion culture.

From the iceberg fashion show of Chanel to the fact that Louis Vuitton is technically a sister company of Moët champagne and Hennessey cognac (yes I’m a lowkey alcoholic LOL), Hess also brings you to the food & drink highlights of Paris, her favourite shopping places, as well as a list of wonderful-sounding hotels (one of them being Mandarin Oriental, of course) (yes I take a lot of pride in my dad’s work) (my dad works in the company that owns Mandarin Oriental :>)

A simple and refreshing read, Hess brings you to her version of Paris, one through the Fashion Eye as you yourself pretend to be in Paris, dressing in high fashion and strolling down the streets of France.

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