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Name: The Gathering of Shadows
Author: J.D. Netto
Publisher: Oftomes Publishing
Release Date: October 31, 2016 (first published 2015)


When the thread of hope is split into two, which side will you take?

After the capture of three book-bearers, Isaac, Xylia and Arundel are beckoned to return to Agalmath to meet the Dark One. Around the four corners of Elysium, Lucifer and his servants are gathering an army–uniting men, beast, Shadow and Nephilin to expand his kingdom.

Hidden in the shadows and holding one of Lucifer’s most faithful servants in captivity, the blood-drinkers continue to hunt down Isaac and the others, seeking to retrieve the Book of Letters.
Isaac and Xylia’s courage and willingness to fight is starting to wane as they now fear that the path they have taken will claim their lives.

Book Cover Comments

The man in the cover is seems to be either mourning or feeling desperation, and that really fits the theme of the book!

The Actual Review


But other than that, I felt the same about this book with what I felt with book 2. I was somewhat lost along the way of reading the book, not overly sucked into the universe, and was mildly confused at many different points.

As said in my previous review, I believe that there were too many characters introduced, yet half of them go absence some time part way through the series. Nephele who played a fairly major role in book 1 never appeared in book 2, and appeared for a brief moment in book 3 with zero lines at all. I think it would be better if the scale of characters introduced could be reduced due to the frequent exit of minor characters, but then again, it probably wouldn’t work when taking the world building into consideration.

I really love the different species we have: we learn a little bit more about the dragon tamer Arundel and the dragon, which is super cool. Then we also get more info about the Blood Drinkers, which I SUPER love. They continued to play a large role in the series since book 2, and they really anchored some of the plot points. Then we also get to meet Death in this book, which was one of my favourite parts. J.D.’s idea of Mr./Mrs. Death was interesting, and the fact that Death was given such a character and personality.

However, as much as the fact that our main hero, Issac, displays a lot of bravery since he’s being put through this chaos, he felt a bit, unheroic like, which is probably played with the idea of him being mere human. Issac was a hero that was more desperate, had a lot of anger issues and more despairing than average heroes I would see. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, honestly, but it kind of ticked me off whenever he starts yelling at his comrades.

What I did like was Issac’s relationship with the Creator and his on-and-off shaky faith with the Creator. This Creator on the other hand, has a whole lotta personality that makes him much more mortal than he is immortal. However, because of that mortal quality, I felt like the Creator (when involving Issac) makes everything too deus-ex-machina. The Creator has revived two of Issac’s comrades, one in book 2 and one in book 3. I would have just left them dead because its destiny, but maybe Issac was simply too fragile and too close to breaking.

The concepts with the books of Lucifer and each book representing a different part of his body was definitely a super cool idea. It became a tool of bargain, something that meant differently to different species.

Oh and, the infinitely numbered rebellions, seeing different people change sides because of their faith, loss in faith and desire for power was a very interesting dynamic too.

I was actually shocked to find the ending not ended. This is the third and last book in, I believe, a supposed trilogy, but after the final battle scene, no one knows what happened and then the book ends. This is extremely rare for the “last” book in a series to end with basically half a conclusion, but there is a novella (book 4 that is from Lucifer’s perspective that takes place after book 3), so I hope that will wrap up the story.

Everything is at stake as Lucifer and darkness steps closer and closer; Issac will have to find a way out of this fate of torment before everything becomes too late in The Gathering of Shadows, the third installment in the Whispers of the Fallen Series.

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