ARC Review: Monster – K.D. Elizabeth

Today is Monster’s publishing day!!! woop woop!!!!

Happy Book Birthday to K.D. Elizabeth, so proud to be on your street team and so honored to be able to read your books faster than others and love them greatly!


Name: Monster
Author: K.D. Elizabeth
Publisher: –
Release Date: February 15, 2019


I’ve wanted to screw Rory Larson for twenty-seven years. Okay, fine, I’ve really wanted to screw her for only seventeen, but I’ve wanted her for twenty-seven. More specifically, since I was five and she dumped an entire container of multicolored glitter over my head.

It may have taken only a couple hours for my mom to scrub the glitter out of my hair, but I needed until college to finally get my first taste of Rory.
Then things went horribly wrong—and by horribly wrong, I mean she left me in my dorm, naked, wondering what the hell had just happened.

Fast forward a decade, and Rory still hates me. Loathes me, actually. Sure, she’ll inevitably say that I did something horrible, something irredeemable, that night all those years ago, but that’s just flat-out wrong. I’m completely blameless in the situation. At least, I’m pretty sure I am, anyway.

I deserve an explanation. So I’m enacting my evil plan. By the time the week is out, Jackson King is finally going to put an end to this unbearable twenty-seven-year itch.

Everything will be fine once she hears me out. Right?

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The Actual Review

So just to let everyone know, Monster is a novella rather than a full-on novel. K.D. has decided to write a novella every month as a challenge for herself, and this is one of them. It is a work of approx. 31K words, and can be devoured within an hour. It’s a nice, short and crisp and refreshing read for anyone who needs a romance novel a.s.a.p, doesn’t have all the time in the world but needs some stomach clawing romance anyway.

But just like her other works, I frickin loved it. Elizabeth changed things up a little bit by using a first-POV rather than two POVs alternating each other, which was a fresh outtake on her books.

There’s something clawing at me while I read Monster; the relationship between Jackson King and Rory Larson was just, so, OSDIefjosifsmifsm

ok i got too excited

They started off as friends, had arguments, friends then a big argument that led to where they are today: they lowkey hate each other. Yes lowkey. You’ll see why. It kind of reminds me of a recent Chinese manhwa (comic/manga) I’ve read: Bringing Nation’s Husband Home. Both of these series’ characters share something in common: perhaps just a little bit of misunderstanding.

If there are any web novel (its an app) fans out there and have read Nation’s Husband, this will be the perfect novella for you to quench your thirst.

Elizabeth never fails to find romance-book-beasts to claw at your heart while it hurts as you see the two charaters’ tough times facing each other: the romance that is there and is not there, and this was definitely not a let down. Not. At. All.

A fantastic beast of its own, Monster the rom-com novella claws at you until you ache for the characters Jackson and Rory in the book, leaving you wanting for more of their interaction to see where they will lead; and if Jackson will get Rory.

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