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welcome to the classic topic of DNFing.

Your gal’ here, tbh, hates DNFing; she lowkey feels guilty for starting a series and not finishing it, and feels even more guilty if she PURCHASES a book, hates it halfway and simply does not finish it.

So the I, who is not a big fan of DNFing books anyway has self-introduced the topic of DNFing to make my life easier. And in the past two years I’ve been reading, here are some series that I am, I will and already DNF-ed. And why.

Friendly note, I have written reviews for plenty of these series that I am about to DNF, but I wasn’t an honest review for a good period of time while I was on this blog; I was too nice and often sweet coated my thoughts. But here is where things will be laid nice and plain.

Red Queen Series
– fuck this shit

Yes I’ll be leaving my initial comment here for you to enjoy
Book 1 wasn’t terrible. I managed to get through it with a fair amount of interest, though I do remember getting bored from point to point. But the prequel novella? BORING. I skimmed through it and gave a 1 star on Goodreads. Book 2: Glass Sword? EVEN WORSE. I had absolutely no idea what went on and was absolutely confused. The plot went nowhere and the romance-ship I wanted was left to the MC’s brother. Before you even know it, the book ended.

Raven Cycle
– very dull and boring

I don’t even know why my reviews sounded so overly positive. I actually lowkey wanna know what happens in the third and fourth book, so my opinion might change on this one. Book 1 was fairly interesting. Not too bad, but it’s kinda slow. Book 2 I was just straight up confused. I didn’t understand why Blue, the MC girl, didn’t have the majority of the plot line and why the focus went onto someone else instead. I dreaded myself along the path of finishing this book and I did.

Witchlands Series
– tis was dull and boring

Don’t get me wrong, I love Susan Dennard, and Truthwitch and Windwitch weren’t big disappointments. It was the dragging of the publishing date, however, that is currently pushing me to DNF this series. The gap between book 2 and book 3 is just too wide, with book 0.5 in between confusing me of what is going on. But my opinion might change on this one. Witchlands’ plot wasn’t a big disappointment.

Star Touched Series
– it was a standalone and book 2 is like a spin-off but not intrigued enough to read book 2

I LOVED Star-Touched Queen. You can find a quote-collage artwork I did in my “Book Related Artworks” page. I suppose I’m not too into the idea of one big world and different sets of characters (ok fine Shadowhunters is an exception), perhaps its the date difference and my piling-high TBR. Since book 1 already summed up the plot, I wasn’t intrigued enough to read book 2 that wasn’t on book 1 MCs.

An Ember in the Ashes Series
– it was just boring i havent brought myself to read book 2 i hope it’ll redeem me enough to get book 3
– no offense but different book covers

I’m actually reading book 2 right now and I feel intrigued enough to read book 3. I compiled this list a long long time ago and i’m only typing it like 2 months later; book 2 might redeem itself for me to finish this series. But I am annoyed with the book cover change because I’m a collector and completionist and lowkey OCD. Go Brown Girl representation but not for OCDs sake.

Flame in the Mist Series
– fuck you for mixing japanese and chinese culture this is a disgrace
– what is that book cover for book 2

Book 2 just lost its consistency with the book cover. The phoenix theme just didn’t make it onto book 2. And I didn’t stress enough about this on my Flame in the Mist review, but as a Chinese and an avid lover of Japanese, I absolutely despise the idea of mixing Japanese and Chinese culture. Its an insult to use these two cultures together because (despite me not feeling insulted) the Japanese and Chinese has had a lot of history against each other, and these two, while similar, are two very different cultures with their own uniqueness. Mixing these two cultures to me are the equivalent of saying all Asians are ching chong ding dong.

Glittering Court Series
– the other 2 books r basically same shit but different perspective and probably add on plot points, dont think it’ll contribute much

My short point pretty much sums up the conclusion as to why I don’t want to continue. My piling TBR list and gaping time between books publishing was the cause of me not wanting to dive into the secondary characters’ lives.

Burning Glass Trilogy
– one book was enough

This review was probably an honest one. And I’ve stated my reasons over on this review as to why I don’t want to continue this series. There were let down points, wasn’t satisfying, lowkey boring, and one book pretty much became a standalone imo and doesn’t need a sequel.

The Darkest Minds Trilogy (& Prosper Redding)
– its literally been too long since I’ve read Never Fade, and Never Fade bore me to death.

I know there are many Alex Bracken fans out there and she’s a super sweet human being, but as a not-so-much-of-a dystopian fan, TDM was not bad, but Never Fade was super boring until someone died at the end. It got interesting but I still gave it 3 stars on goodreads. Prosper Redding was just super boring, I didn’t even bring myself to read page by page.

Song of the Current Duology

I was honest with this review, and I didn’t enjoy this book. The lore was interesting enough, but it took 4EVA to build up to anywhere interesting. And then the book ended. I dreaded myself to finish this book, and all the hype I built was flushed down the drain on day one. So no.

That sums up my list of DNFs and possible DNFs. What are some of yours and do we have any in common?

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2 thoughts on “Series I’m DNF-ing

  1. Same on Red Queen (the first book was okay-ish, enough for me to borrow book 2. It took me three months to skim. s k i m. And it is a shame because those covers are really pretty) and the Darkest Minds is a possible DNF for me, I’ve only read the first one up to now and I don’t know if I like it and if I should get the second one lol.
    I’ve also DNF-ed the fifth wave on book 2 (I literally had no idea what was happening).
    I really liked this post, your bluntness is great and very accurate.

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