Joanne’s Useless Tip for Aspiring Authors

In fact, I’m in absolutely no place to write this blog post.

I’m not even trying to write a book (ok I’ve made attempts and just realized I suck) nor do I have the vast capability of writing that Ava has (if you haven’t, check out snippets of her aspiring novel, The Blue Jay over on her instagram @authoravatusek)

But as a person who had come across thoughts of writing a book, had random ideas but then decided they were useless and threw them away, as well as participated once in NanoWrimo, I have consolidated not a list of tips but one tip/idea for a certain type of aspiring authors.

For those of you who are in the same boat as me: absolute beginners who want to write something but you can’t just produce a story outline no matter how hard you try to squeeze your brain juice + know that you basically suck at writing and need some way to practice:

Try transcribing your favourite TV series or anime.


If you need writing practice, turning a TV series or an anime into a novel is very, good, practice.


These two are very different formats. In television, things are often squished and simplified because alas, a television show is not a narration parade. Many details and inner thoughts are skipped through, and are simply expressed, hopefully by the actors and actresses.

Turning this game the other way round, therefore, is a great challenge. You need to break down each scene into a million word, describing every small movement that the characters make to describing the environment around them. You also can’t just black out and so be it. You need to learn to time where you insert your chapter breaks, so on and so forth.

This process also forces you to anaylze your characters in the TV shows. You do have a headstart because you don’t have to think about plot planning and character dialogue; that’s all done for you. What isn’t done for you, however, is what emotions and thoughts they are feeling inside. It’s like watching TWiLiGhT. YOu look at the movie and barely learn crap because Kristen Stewart only knows how to subtley moan and make one face. The book however, has much much more description of her thoughts, perhaps expressions, so on and so forth.

I’ve done one myself, in fact. I took the anime Houseki no Kuni, a.k.a. Land of the Lustrous and made it into a novel version for that one NaNoWriMo I participated in. Just for fun! Afterwards when I started editing, I found out how terrible my writing was and knew I need to keep doing these things to start improving my descriptive ability. It helps. It forces you to break down things, watch a scene play in many different angles. Neither the anime or manga had enough inner thoughts, and I’ve added so much more into it that made my *basically fan fic* writing seem more legit.

Something like this:

We’ve been spoiling each other.

I’ve been always protecting you, causing you to go off guard and heavily rely on me. But I’ve been abusing your presence, because I know that you will never leave me in the end, no matter what choice I make.

So that’s pretty much it.

This concept/idea is pretty self-explanatory.

To any absolute-beginner-maybe-aspiring authors, good luck and hope you find this helpful!

If you are ever interested to read my crap of a fan-fic novel, click the link below! Do beware that it might lag you since its 197 pages long :)




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