Book Review: Miss ManKiller – K.D. Elizabeth

Finished this book from 11am to 3pm with breaks in between~~~~ The power of romance reads. Gets you real good.

I’ve been dying to read it ever since I heard news of it, especially since Book 1 was a blast (check out my review HERE), but since I didn’t have my Kindle and I can’t read it on my phone (too small) and my laptop (not a reading device. Its a gigantic mega thing!), I refused to get it till I got home for the holidays and here I am!


Name: Miss ManKiller
Author: K.D. Elizabeth
Publisher: Vivre Libre Media
Release Date: October 23, 2018


Three years after a highly public accident and subsequent banishment from the sport, former professional triathlete Sara Jo Ramsey is still recovering from a debilitating injury. Holed up in her beautiful but run-down estate, Sara lives alone, interacting with the outside world only when absolutely necessary.

When her best—and only—friend announces she’s getting married, Sara’s days of hiding abruptly end. Before she knows it, Sara is pulled into a world of engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelorette extravaganzas.

But the thing about weddings? They tend to bring up old memories. Memories Sara has spent ages trying to forget.

If only she didn’t need to be the maid of honor.

If only the best man wasn’t restoring her estate.

If only he wasn’t so damn attractive.

Gavin Harris has always been alone. By choice. But even the greatest of man-whores needs a best friend, and when Gavin’s friend proposes to his girlfriend—without telling him—Gavin’s previously ordered life is unexpectedly and unpleasantly uprooted.

Watching his best friend marry turns out to be harder than he’d imagined, especially when, as a wedding present, Gavin agrees to take over as the head contractor for a major restoration project. The house itself might be a restorer’s dream, but the woman inside? Not worth the headache.

If only he hadn’t agreed to be the best man.

If only he didn’t have to fix the maid of honor’s house.

If only he hadn’t spent three years avoiding her.

Book Cover Comments

Mmmm yes let’s keep those low-riding pants game going

The Actual Review

The second book in this fantastic adult romance series, published merely months after the first one?? HELL YEA.

Random sharing, I remember what Cassandra Clare said about her upcoming Adult novel in emmmabook’s video and during the Queen of Air and Darkness tour that I was in. The difference between YA and Adult is definitely the priorities and the ideas that the characters have in mind. This being my first adult novel I read after her tour, I really saw the difference between those two, and I really enjoyed learning about different genres in reading, so thank you both Cassie and of course, AUTHOR K.D. ELIZABETH YOU’RE AMAZING

Miss InstaPrincess, the first book, was definitely a hot and smokey stomach churner. While Miss ManKiller didn’t constantly give my the stomach flutters, it was good for its own reason, and in fact, for what the content of the book is, it was a good choice to stay away from a generous amount (like that of in book one) of sexual tension between the characters.

Miss ManKiller is so different from its precedor, and it was very unique. Elizabeth, mentioning the fact that she was interested in psychology in the authors’ note, uses mental issues as a very key driving factor of the plot. Mental instability plays an important role in Sara’s (our MC) life and affected her life greatly. And the reason why this book was so great is because we get to explore what happened to Sara from beginning till now, and the fact that Gavin, someone who she never thought would get along with, came along and started helping her and changed her life.

As someone with mental instabilities, (I wouldn’t say disorder, as I am not diagnosed but definitely show symptoms of it) seeing the process of Sara changing in the book was definitely very significant and important, and I think Elizabeth nailed that aspect. And this doesn’t mean Gavin wasn’t hurt to begin with. Gavin, too, had a rough life and it was with Sara that helped him change the way of how he saw some things in life, and perhaps through Sara, he sees a little bit of himself as well, and that might just needs to change.

And at the end of the day, you will not miss a single beat of our wonderful Lena and Travis from the previous book making gajillions of appearances in this book as Gavin constantly makes fun of the two of them, filling this book with jokes and humor, and how even boys who grew up from they were born, can get into fights sometimes. (This was a minor plot line of Gavin’s that played a significance in his behavior towards Travis lately.)

The perfect and beautiful, sunshine-like, ending is definitely all I could ask for, and the outcome was just pure satisfaction. Oh and I musn’t forget the hotness going on in this book literally cannot handle #ahem

Oh and best character award goes to Sara’s therapist

A perfect casual read to get you up in the mood, Miss ManKiller invites you to Sara’s world of enclosure and darkness: we peer deep into her mind and find out what’s happening to her life as attractive-Gavin comes into her life, and begins to construct her heart.

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