New Co-Blogger!

Hi everyone! Joanne here! I’m very happy to announce that my friend, Ava, will be co-blogging my book blog with me!

me and Ava declaring our Shadowhunter-ness at BookCon 2018

Ava is a charming lady from Colorado, and I met her through our love for Sarah J. Maas (thank you Bridey), as both of us have a fan account dedicated to SJM.I first met Ava irl in BookCon 2018, and she is an absolute delight.

She is an aspiring author that gets me all excited because I get to help her with anything related to Chinese and Japanese mythology/terminologies/knowledge, and I was so honored to be able to name eight of her characters so far.

Ava aims to become High Lady of the Summer Court and constantly flushes her money into the ocean for Sarah J. Maas books. I do not know how she does it but she does it.

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Joanne Lumiere

Joanne is the narcissistic founder of her book blog, Joanne Lumiere. Born and raised in Hong Kong, this 18 year old brat is currently attending college in Los Angeles, and still doesn't know how to read books with sophistication, and yet she runs a blog.

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