ARC Review: Saved by the Page – J.D. Netto

Hi I’m already biased because I wrote one of the stories in this anthology


Name: Saved by the Page
Author: J.D. Netto
Release Date: November 13, 2018


Do you remember the last time a book changed your life?

Maybe you had just lost a loved one? Or an unexpected turn of events had left you overwhelmed? No matter the reason, the book you’re thinking about right now changed the course of your life in a way you can’t put into words.

But these people have.

Saved by the Page is an anthology written by readers for readers about the life-changing power of books and the impact they have on us. Profound, thought-provoking, personal, and heart-wrenching, these forty-five stories are giving a voice to people all around the world.

Get ready to crack the spine and flip through the pages of this whirlwind anthology as readers take you on their journey.

They’ve been all been saved by a page, and hopefully this one will save you too.

Too bad he’s the neighbor from hell.

Book Cover Comments

The rogue feeling to this simplistic cover is what makes this anthology —and the stories within— spectacular and perfect.

The Actual Review

Honestly yaaaaaaas

I’ve been so excited about this anthology ever since I first heard of it and PARTICIPATED in it hellllllllo

I just finished this very volume of Saved by the Page, a collection of stories of readers reading collections of stories, how stories and books and pages saved their lives.

It was perfect in the sense that it wasn’t a dense text and is definitely very easy to read. Some of the contributors in the anthology was terribly funny, I cracked up a few times. But that’s what makes each of these stories unique. Some get personal, some try to include a joke or two, some make it poetic (people like me), but all of them proved their bravery and courage by sharing their own story, whether it gets to a very personal level.

I didn’t expect myself to be so amused, bedazzled and glad after reading this book. It was honestly so interesting to see how books saved other people during their hardest times, how some of the contributors and I share the same inspiration gained from certain books, (Kathryn, I’m talking to you- Finding Audrey was my first as well) from Sophie Kinsella to Classic Literature to SARAH J. MAAS to Cassandra Clare, James Dashner as the list goes on and on.

Books give the power to people to stand up for themselves and to stand up for their lives. It gives them the courage to make each step on the path of life as it does when you turn a page to pave the path for the characters of the book. Pages and words tell a story of courage, overcoming, growth and whatever poetic term I can’t think of but you can just (fill in the blanks) in which we can all relate to, and it is the contributors’ words that tell the exact same type of story, without needing to go through the pain and joy of writing a good ol’ excellent-quality book to share their happiness and sadness with us readers.

I honestly love this project, so please participate in it to possibly get your story told in the future upcoming volumes; get your story told and go read the story and tales of others. And just to quote the one I wrote because I am narcissistic after all:

To all the readers out there,

knowing that like a phoenix rising from the ashes,
we are all saved by the page.
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