BEA/Book Con Recap – What Happened!

I can simply tell you that BookExpo and BookCon was god damn amazing. I got to meet so many amazing people and meet some of my friends, and I’m super excited to give you guys a run down of basically how it went! TL;DR

Book Expo Day 1

So I got there an hour eariler because I was simply too excited. I saw the EpicReads’ Three Dark Crowns booth being set up which was super exciting, as well as other huge huge banners! (A SJM one too!) Day 1 had around 150+ stores open, and these are targeted for actually the more professional peeps in the book industry as well as individual publishers, so it wasn’t really my thing. Nonetheless, I walked around the limited show floor, as well as listened to the keynote by the CEO of Barnes & Nobles about the physical publication of books and its future. SUPER GOOD!

Then as I got bored and walked back and forth from the show floor and the crystal palace, I narrowed my eyes to this male figure in front of me (is it him is that who i think it is) and I SAW JESSE from jessethereader, CHRISTINE from polandbananabooks AND NATASHA from tashapolis! I fangirled and said hi, we took some pics together and honestly I didn’t know what to say because I wasn’t ready. If only I could communicate with them the way I did with authors I met throughout BookExpo and Con!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 5.12.00 PM.png

Book Expo Day 2

The rest of the show floor was open, and I got busy walking around the stalls to see what there was to offer. There was merch, random merch, book merch, large publishers (such as Macmillian Harper and Bloomsbury) and indie publisher stalls as well which was super cool. Before I strolled around I actually went to Kendare Blake’s and Anna Godbersen’s signing and got a copy (yet another copy) of Three Dark Crowns and an ARC of When We Caught Fire. Super Super fun and exciting!

Last year at VidCon I met Sasha Alsberg, and I was so happy to be able to see her waiting by the loo while I was queuing for the OwlCrate booth. Once I was done, I immediately went over to say hi and we were catching up as we hung out together! I followed her (and Natasha who then joined) to the canteen below to find the rest of the BookTube friends there (which was super cool but I was super shy to say anything lmao). Everyone started grabbing lunch (AT 10AM LIKE WUT) and eating pasta and i’m just like nopnopnopnonpnonp i’m on a diet

I followed everyone around the show floor, queueing for ARCS and catching up with how everyone was doing and continue to act shyly because honestly I didn’t know what to say as a newcomer who is technically not a considerably larger personality. It was honestly really awkward XD I got to talk to Brandon(thebookaddict), Ashley(yash), Christine, Natasha and Kat(ytastic) while we were taking a break near the panel area, showing them pics of my dog and my friend’s cat and it was super fun!

Later that day I caught up with my friend Bridey (thewhitethorns) to chill out together and do random stuff together :P It was honestly so fun hanging out with this girl i’ve met on the internet through our hate towards one wonderful special snowflake and chit-chatting about my life beef and her life beef! I also ended up at Alex Bracken’s signing which was amazing!!!Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 5.19.06 PM.png

Book Expo Day 3

It was yet another busy day of grabbing ARCs here and there, since that’s basically what BookExpo is for: to grab those new titles and to enjoy them!! Me and Bridey ended up with pretty much a tower of books, though I didn’t get much on day 3 due to three of the ARCs I got was a favor that I did for a friend because I pretty much feel like I owe her so much :3

It was enjoyable to talk to anyone in line, which is something you don’t get to do in Asia because of our conservativeness: it’s just not common to talk randomly to people for whatever reason. So in total, I got to say hi to Kerri Maniscalco and Ransom Riggs which was super fun and super exciting, and they both were awesome!!! It was a full day of tiredness despite the fact that I basically skipped meals because i wasn’t hungry at all and just kept going on and on to hunt for ARCs, do nothing or hang out with my friends!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 5.23.36 PM.png

Book Con Day 1

Moving on the Book Con!

Walking in 3 inch heels was hell why did I even forget to bring my other more comfortable heels :(

I dressed up gorgeously for Bookcon simply because i know my fellow bookTube friends tend to dress up nicely, so i wanted to do the same HAHA

i got to meet Ava (@Highlord_Tarquin) and she is an amazing person who is absolutely talented for writing (I’m helping her with her book research right now!!) and right when the doors for BookCon opened, I RAN to find J.D. Netto, author of whispers of the fallen and my zenith account supporter to say hi. I’ve been dying to meet him ever since I knew who he was and even had a hard time sleeping the night before that. So glad we got to chit chat! He is absolutely sweet!!

I proceeded to walk around the show floor with Ava and then went to the Tahereh Mafi signing. She was so sweeeeet!

my friends were really busy with their schedules as well, so we were separated most of the time. But I definitely had fun as I later on queued for the meet and greet with Natasha, JD and Sasha to say hi again and spend some time together! Sasha signed something secret of my postcard (I’m so sorry I lost them) and I’m so happyyyyyyyy!!! Following that, I started camping out for Cassandra Clare’s signing and was so happy to see her! She is absolutely witty and not to mention salty, I even got a Magnus plushie from her <3

Book Con Day 2

BookCon Day 2 was I would say busy but not the most busy! i woke up v early just like every other morning to prep for my Andi cosplay, with all the metal wristbands and face plates, as well as my awesome wig and TOPSHOP dress ready to rock the runway. First thing in the morning I went to find Sasha to show her my surprise and she loved it which made me glad! i went to find JD to show him what i have done to myself as well and we definitely needed pics together… :)

i hung out with cosplayers Georgia (peachyqueencosplay on ig) and Lindsey (lindsette17) to queue together for the booksplosion meet up in which I did not plan, but I mean why not? By the time I was near the end of the queue, Christine looked at me and was like you look AMAZING and I was honestly squealing inside. The four of us had so much fun talking together and posing, and i honestly still suck at this business XD but at least I was featured all over instagram! on BookishHQ and BookCon which was AMAZING LIKE HELLO

i got to spend a little more time with Sasha before i headed over to Danielle Paige’s signing and she was honestly the sweetest thing. i told her that I was the one with the Stealing Snow fan account and i swear she was tearing up. She was adorable!

i listened to the BookTube panel to learn something myself and it was very helpful advice for me to move forward on my BookTube to post when I wanted and not when I didn’t want, and to do something that ties in my passions and just be me. Afterwards, i spent some more time with my friends at the Bloomsbury booth and having my final moments with Sasha and JD before it all ended!

i honestly can’t thank all my friends enough for letting me be with them and enjoying our times together. bookexpo and bookcon has been the happiest I’ve been since I started my junior year. I’ve been through a long and painful ride, and even graduating felt like nothing but a wisp of wind slipping from my fingers. But all my friends made me realize that true joy can really happen: it was the sign that told me my suffering during adolescence can finally come to an end, my heart could finally be at peace and I can let myself go and just enjoy.

Love you all!


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