Best of 2017

Best Reads of 2017

in no particular order. I let WordPress randomise the order. Including books not-published in 2017, its just what I read :P

 Best Movies watched in 2017

This includes non-2017 movies because I haven’t watched shit in 2017 in theatres.

Ok Basically nothing.

Best Anime so far of 2017

Wow i haven’t watched new shit either

Best Songs so far of 2017

Basically all Kpop because I’m Kpop Trash
You’ll also see the SM Entertainment trash pattern

Instagram Narcissism Awards

My favorite Instagram pics taken by me of each month. In chronological order.



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Joanne Lumiere

Joanne is the narcissistic founder of her book blog, Joanne Lumiere. Born and raised in Hong Kong, this 18 year old brat is currently attending college in Los Angeles, and still doesn't know how to read books with sophistication, and yet she runs a blog.

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