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I’m terribly busy with school work and am actually dying, so my brain has stopped me from reading at all and I just can’t read. But I can’t leave you guys hanging, so I’m making a sequel to something I did last year.

Check out the one from last year here: HALLOWEEEEEN FUN

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So last year I did a Throne of Glass Stew.


ACOTAR Halloween Stew Recipe

You will need:

  • 100 Red Roses from the Spring Court
    • Blessed by Tamlin. Not that you want that. I do though.
    • Antibacterial, antioxidant, moisturizing, toning. Perfect for skin improvement.
  • 30 Litres of Sea Water from the Summer Court
    • Blessed by Tarquin.
    • High amount of sodium chloride. Great for sustaining hydration levels.
  • 500g of Leaves from the Autumn Court
    • Blessed by Beron. Do you want that though?
    • Tons of benefits from whatever leaves you picked up. Think about the possibilities!
  • 1kg of Fresh Snow from the Winter Court
    • Blessed by Kallias. He’s hot right?
    • Basically whatever benefits of water can be found in here. Make sure you deliver the snow early. When it turns into water, it loses the snow effect. It’ll be normal water.
  • 1 jar of special sunlight from the Day Court
    • Blessed by Helion the hoe
    • Please use the sunlight holding jar that can be made from I-have-no-idea to take in the sunlight. Its great in vitamin D.
  • 10 Flowers with Healing Qualities from the Dawn Court
    • Blessed by Thesan.
    • Well it says it all. Healing qualities. An example would be the one Feyre gave to Rhys.
  • 2kg of Mountain Rock from the Night Court
    • Blessed by Rhys.
    • Mountain rock contains rich amount of minerals from a ton of different sources. Beneficial for a lot of stuff. You could just grind it and then make it into a body scrub. Might give you a few scratches though.
  • Whatever bones left from Under the Mountain
    • Amarantha’s darling collection gives a good flavor to your stew.
  • One or two lacey things from that store in Velaris
    • Just for decorations purposes. Makes the stew look better.
  • Some siphons. As many as you could steal.
    • Power effects. Gives the stew a better and stronger flavor. And an Illyrian flavor.
  • Whatever jewels from that stock in the Summer Court Palace.
    • Gives the stew a nice shine.
  • Ashes from the Cottage of the Weaver
    • Cus its precious.
  • Bones from the cell of the Bone Carver
    • Also precious. You might wanna just keep it.

Optional Ingredients:

  • Lock of hair from Tamlin
    • 2% chance of your child being able to shapeshift
  • Lock of hair from Tarquin
    • 1% chance of your child being able to use water
  • Lock of hair from Beron
    • 1% chance of your child being able to use fire
  • Lock of hair from Kallias
    • 1% chance of your child being able to use snow
  • Lock of hair from Helion
    • 1% chance of your child always shining bright like a diamond.
    • Great torch in the dark!
    • Also bears light controlling abilities.
  • Lock of hair from Thesan
    • 1% chacen of your child bearing healing powers.
  • Lock of hair from Rhys.
    • 1% chance of being able to winnow.
  • Illyrian Sweat
    • Get 5 towel’s worth. It’ll help stink up your stew and flavor it.
    • 5% chance of gaining Illyrian wings.
  • Scrapes of dried paint from the table in the Mountain Cabin 
    • Blessed by Feyre.
      • P.S. if you manage to scoop feyrhys, then you get a 10% chance of your child being almighty.
      • P.P.S. you might as well as treasure the scrapes. Its blessed with heavenly bodies.
  • Lock of hair from Nesta.
    • 50% chance of your next child being as angsty as Nesta.
  • Lock of hair from Elain.
    • 10% chance of being psychic.


  1. Prepare some logs. Light it on fire.
  2. Boil your sea water in a huge witch pot.
  3. Dump in your towels and let it soak for an hour before removing.
  4. Add all locks of hair if you have any.
  5. When well mixed, wait for the chemical reaction that causes the stew to release brown smoke.
  6. Mix in dry ingredients one by one into the pot. You MUST wait until one dissolves completely before putting the next. Order does not matter.
  7. Due to the natural ingredients gained from the courts, your pot should have a shit color by now. That is when your stew is ready.
  8. Invite friends.
  9. Serve.
  10. Make sure you have enough toilet bowls or drains ready.


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