100th POST! How I met Katharine McGee

It is my 100th Post on my book blog, and we are celebrating with a little bit of a fun one!

so as I said I’m not doing much August reading because the concept of school and school work and essays is still freaking me out, so lets do some non-book review posts to let you readers enjoy a little something something from me.

Who is Katharine McGee?

Katharine McGeeKatharine McGee is the author of the New York Times bestselling Thousandth Floor series. She studied English and French literature at Princeton University and has an MBA from Stanford. It was during her years in New York, working as an editor by day and writing by night, that she began a manuscript about life in a futuristic skyscraper.

Check out her website at www.katharinemcgee.com


The Story

It was on a not-so-wonderful-day in May where I had a one or so extra hours in the morning before my friend comes over to the clubhouse for our so called mathematics and biology revision, so I was swimming. Yes, the pool only had oldies, so to be less bored and awkward, I kept checking my fan from time to time.

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While scrolling through instagram stories during the carpool with my dad to the clubhouse, (he was going to work and I was going to the clubhouse of course) I saw this really familiar looking background in Katharine’s story that basically looks like Hong Kong’s typical “tea restaurant”, but I wasn’t sure because I knew Katharine was JUST in Japan. When I started swimming and I got distracted from swimming and went to check the Instagram stories again, I saw a short video of Katharine at Tamar Park, a park in Central on Hong Kong Island!

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So then I started trying to text Katharine about it, and that I knew she was in Hong Kong, and so we began planning our meet up over instagram if it was possible!

My friends thought I was being nuts and crazy trying to stalk where Katharine was throughout the day and the next day. Ok fine I probably was, but I’m not missing a chance when one of my absolute favourite authors is in my hometown. Authors barely come to Hong Kong, they just won’t even do Asia tours here. The market is wayyy too small.

So I continued spending the day with my friend revising, and the next day, DAY ONE OF EXAMS. GREAT. Totally. I didn’t care about it. Because I only had one objective that was constant in my mind before the actual tests and after the actual tests:


Image result for landmark hong kong

We continued communicating and found out that she was in Central at The Landmark (a building owned by the company my dad used to work for. Well now he works for the company that owns that company) Katharine said that she was eating in one of the cafes, so I actually did try my best to scrounge through the four floors of this building that I knew pretty well to find her. Actually she was in one of the cafes, but I was in mildly of a hurry that I basically walked past the restaurant she was in and continued my search for another hour or more or so? I even tried to walk around the other buildings connected to The Landmark, and even got onto the streets to look. Yea that was a stupid move but hey, I’m desperate.

So after a round of fruitless search, I decided to head home when Katharine found wifi and texted me about how she’s returning to her staying quarters. It was a bit of a let down, but I mean, its life.

Later on at night near dinner time, Katharine texted me about how she will be heading to Tsim Tsa Tsui for awhile to look around, and I knew immediately that it was now or never. So I called my mom (which was probably the worse decision I made) to carpool me to Tsim Tsa Tsui so I could meet up with Katharine. Mom began with speaking nonsense in the car and I honestly regretted asking her to come with me.


Mom: It’s great you brought me, its safer when you’re meeting strangers like this.
Me: #triggered


Mom decided to end up helping me to look out for Katharine coming from the Star Ferry that she took from the other side of the harbor between the peninsula and the island of Hong Kong, and managed to spot her. So thats how we found each other in the city of Hong Kong.

We ended up hanging out for 45 minutes or so with my mom actually being nosey and coming in to come chat even though I wanted Katharine and her adorable hubby, Alex, for myself-


Snippet of what happened after we met:
Mom: Its good I came along because your interpersonal skills won’t be able to handle a good conversation with the both of them
Me: #doubletriggered #tripletriggered #amnjefghknesdliosferw294t38u)*U(Y&^%#^&Q


yes for myself. Ahem. Continuing on.

We mainly talked about Hong Kong, not so much about The Thousandth Floor, some general chit chat and general topics, how I found out about Katharine’s story, and we indeed managed to chat for quite some time!

21082253_1701621476575554_1087516293_o.jpgWe took some photos together, and I got a wonderful family photo with the absolutely adorable OTP author couple right here :)


We chatted for a little longer after we took so photos, and since my mom was starving and Katharine and Alex has a dinner appointment with Alex’s previous colleagues (yes, he has worked in Hong Kong for a while in the past!) We parted our ways, and I ended my tragic exam day with a happy memory from Katharine.
Other than the fact that mom bombed my date with Katharine and Alex, I really couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you Katharine for taking the time out to hang out with me in my hometown, and I hope to be able to see you in the future if I ever come to America again! (VERY SOON! I’M COMING TO BOOK CON 2017777 YAASSSS)

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