101th POST! How I met Sasha Alsberg

Aaand for my 101th post, How I met SASHA ALSBERG <3

Who is Sasha Alsberg?

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Sasha Alsberg is the #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of ZENITH: The Androma Saga. When Sasha is not writing or obsessing over Scotland, she is making YouTube videos on her channel Abookutopia and studying history at university.

She lives in Massachusetts with her dog, Fraser.

zenith cover.pngBYLTHM+cover.jpgSasha Alsberg is also a painter and a digital influencer with over 500,000 followers on the web. She’s also one of the hosts for the web series, BookChat.

Check out her website at www.sashaalsberg.com and purchase her merchandise!


The Story

This was June, right after school broke out, where me and dad went on a University Tour for colleges that I’m looking into in the US. I mainly focus on west coast because I don’t like the concept of having to fly 4 extra hours to east coast. I get airsick. Also because I love having my wonderful relatives around, and they’re all on the west coast.

Just for a little bit of bonus information, my current top choices in no particular order are:

USFseal1.pngImage result for loyola marymount universityImage result for pepperdine university

The entire trip was Vancouver –> San Francisco –> Los Angeles. Me and dad were planning to go to Disney California Adventures on the last Saturday there the night before, because hey, gotta take a break from all them university visits. Once again when I looked at instagram, I found out that Sasha was actually at VidCon! VidCon is held in the Anaheim Convention Center, which is basically 5 minutes away from DISNEY! WOT!

I quickly started texting Sasha through Twitter (my Androma Saga fan acc) and telling her about how I’m in LA, and if possible, we should definitely find a chance to meet up. We were scheduled to meet up maybe after VidCon and my Disney Adventures, and so I enjoyed my day with dad at Disney the following day, a.k.a. Saturday.

Continuing on our communication afterwards, Sasha turned out to be in a hurry to attend Jesse The Reader’s (woop!) birthday dinner with all the pals (super cute btw!), so as my dad and I tried our best to rush over, Sasha had to leave for the dinner. I mean, its understandable, I’m just a gurl from the other side of the globe that loves Sasha and wants to go on another stalking adventure like I did with Katharine. Except with a car and not in my hometown.

Sasha said that she would love to find a possible way to meet up with me now that I’m in LA and she’s in LA, so she proposed the plan of meeting after dinner at maybe 10pm at night :P yes that’s late.

You know, dad wouldn’t let this pass easily, so he made sure I begged my uncle and aunt nicely — whose house was were we stayed at during our trip in LA (uncle is my dad’s lil’ bro) — during dinner, and to make the so called bluff offer, because, I mean, they’d promise to drive me to Anaheim no matter what. Why? Cus I’m the only child among 3 great-aged adults and tbh they’ve got nothing better to do anyway than go on a fun errand with me. #SorryNotSorry #ParentalAbuse #ChildRights #seventeen4eva

Off we go from Little Tokyo, where we had dinner, BACK to Anaheim to meet Sasha. The car ride was a super busy journey of texting back and forth of how to meet Sasha due to the security around her hotel to watch over the wonderful YouTubers, and a lot of other technical issues. Btw, Here’s a snippet of the conversation in the car ride:


Uncle: I mean its only normal that she’s not giving you her exact location, she doesn’t know you and you could be a freak
Me: (Why does this incident resemble meeting up with Katharine so much…)


Sasha texted me her hotel name and it was JUST in time since our car arrived at Anaheim. We drove over to the hotel and we entered the hallway through the back door. (I believe) A few steps in, and hello security line. Hey, we were being respectful so we didn’t try to breach security. And no offence but they’re actually scary looking. Only people who are checking in or have hotel cards or the booktuber pass can enter. Here’s a snippet of what happened while waiting for Sasha to come down to the lobby:



*person walks past security line*
Guard 1: Sir do you have a room key?
*Sir raises card in hand while walking away*
*Guard 2 did not see*
Guard 2: Sir! SIR! SIR! DO YOU HAVE A KEY?
Guard 1: Yea yea he showed it alre-
Sir to friend: Geez YouTube Sucks.


What a legend. I know.

I was squinting my eyes the whole time while I waited for a figure that resembles Sasha, since I didn’t have my glasses on and I COULDN’T SEE A FAR THING AT ALL. They just blur.

Then, in walks Sasha Alsberg.

Family greetings!
At least my dad my uncle and aunt doesn’t intrude our date like mom did last time. And so, we walked to this sort of chill area outside the hotel, sat down on the floor and started chit chatting for nearly an hour.

I introduced a bit more about myself to Sasha, and Sasha was amazed about the fact that she and Lindsay has a fan all the way in Hong Kong, and that she couldn’t miss the opportunity of meeting me when I’m so close to her. Not to boast or anything, but she WAS fascinated

by my English speaking ability, and thats why I really enjoyed it when I got to share some history and culture of Hong Kong with her. Hong Kong is a unique place where it was ruled by China, Britain, Japan and now China but as a temporary Puerto Rico of China. That’s why a lot of our street names and location names are really really really British. Embankment Street, Portland Street, Prince Edward Road, Edinburgh Place, Gloucester Road, Queen Victoria Street, Guildford Street, Oxford Road, Princess Margaret Road, Waterloo Road………. (thats basically where I live)

21082124_1701621426575559_2012626876_o.jpgSasha shared some of her life updates with me, as well as her ideal university to study masters in, a few cute facts about herself, her wonderful necklace and some great news as well. I was overjoyed to hear about it, and I was so glad that I could meet up with Sasha. She is just as sweet in real life as she is on all of her YouTube videos :>

—R.I.P. its 11:30pm IRL and I still haven’t continued working on my High School Thesis due next Wednesday I have another 2000 words to write I am screwed—
21146247_1701621423242226_1833147058_o.jpgNow, being a Zenith fan, Sasha was kind enough to ask Zoe, her roomie, to bring down Sasha’s travel copy of THE ZENITH ARC!!! I held it in my glorious arms, and it was absolutely amazing. We took a few photos tgt, and as we were saying our goodbyes, Sasha was so kind to decide to leave me her copy of ZENITH ARC with me to take away :’)

I was super happy that I got to meet Sasha, and I will definitely go find her in BEA and BOOK CON 2017 YES MY GRADUATION TRIP WITH MY PARENTS EXCEPT THEY ABANDON ME AT BOOK CON WHILE I ROAM FOR 6 DAYS! Love you Sasha! xoxo

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