Book Review: Fallen – Lauren Kate

Yes It’s been 16 days since my last review. Where was I?

After going through a book hangover of The Thousandth Floor, I turned to Japanese manga for rehab because I died. And then my schedule to reread the Fallen series in preparation for the movie came along. And so, here we go, the marathon reviews of the Fallen Series.

Oh and, contains light ~ mild spoilers? Well the synopsis already spoiled a bit of your fun.


Name: Fallen
Author: Lauren Kate
Publisher(s): Delacorte Press (Corgi, Doubleday, Ember)
Release Date: December 8, 2009


What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?

17-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross . . . only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good & evil forces plot to keep them apart.

Get ready to fall . . .

Book Cover Comments

It totally suits the title, doesn’t it? That beautiful black dress just suits the entire theme so well, and a blue twilight forest…. No one could ask for more when it comes to Gothic Elegance.

The Review

Ohh my god.

Like, who wouldn’t love a beautiful starbound romance like this?

Fallen Angels and everything like that?

There are no words that I can really use to describe how beautiful Fallen was to me.

“What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?”

Everything was perfect, that slow build up until the revelation explodes behind your eyes, from the intriguing reform school Sword & Cross and how Lauren uses that to bring the characters to life even more, tying in the concept of destiny and fate, the magnetic pull of one and other that brings Lucinda and Daniel together over and over again.

“The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment.”

Luce’s back story was very interesting as to how she ended up in Sword & Cross. You can read more about it in short stories of the Fallen Series. And then we begin introducing each main character along the way of the plot. Arriane, Roland, Molly, Gabbe, all of them are wonderful characters with their own magnificent past and story (that is not this book’s and not my place to tell). The fact that all of them are keeping hold of a mystery, the fact that no one in that school really knows much about them, keeping that lock shut until the climax of the book.

“I do all of these things,” Daniel said, leaning into her so that their foreheads touched, “because you’re my love, Lucinda. For me, you’re all there is.”

Then there’s Cam. The bad boy to Daniel.

I mean, isn’t it nice to always have a love rival? Sparks things up, doesn’t it? (oh god my mind is switching to the Fallen Movie mode. Focus Joanne, focus.) Fine. It might seem a little bit cliche with the bad boy vs love boy, but despite not getting a lot of screen time in this book and the latter books to be the bad boy for Lucinda, Cam plays an extremely important role in the entire story line, and I love him as much as I love anyone else.

“I get to live forever,” he repeated. “I get to watch it all over again and again. Everyone but you.” His eyes were glassy. His voice dropped to a whisper. “You don’t get to fall in love—”
“But…,” she whispered back. “I’ve…fallen in love.”

All the beautiful butterflies of love and sweet and honey and overflowing emotions when Luce gets kissed or when she kisses just sweeps me off my feet every time, and I literally die every time that happens, and I just want to reread those parts again, take a deep breath, and dive in into it again.

“We meet. We always meet, somehow we’re always thrown together, no matter where I go, no matter how I try to distance myself from you. It never matters. You always find me.”

I guess every story needs an antagonist, so I’ll talk a bit about antagonist A here. This antagonist was a bit surprising, I have to say. I didn’t expect this person to be the one who would go against Luce and everyone else (on her side of course), all because that person has a target to reach that is complete blasphemy, I could chop that person’s head off for harming Luce like that. Not in a physical way. In a mental way ;)

“And while the truth still scared her, being in his arms made her feel like the sea finding its shore, like a traveler returning after a long, hard, distant trip— finally returning home.”

And all the revelations, never ever ending beautifulness. One wave after another, star-crossed, angelic, devilish, magnificient, and it is always the separation that makes one person looks so forward to the encounter, and the fact that everything has changed this time, so that this time, all of them may truly find a way out.

So to end this book review, there’s only really one thing to say:

Some angels are destined to fall.


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