Book Review: The House of the Stone – Amy Ewing

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Once again, light spoilers, so if you haven’t read the first book, please do, and go check out my review! The Jewel


Name: The House of the Stone
Author: Amy Ewing
Publisher: Walker Books (US Ver: HarperTeen)
Release Date: July 7th, 2015



Amy Ewing, author of The Jewel, gives us a glimpse of the twisted cruelty which pervades the House of the Stone in this shocking and heart-wrenching digital novella.

When Raven is bought at the Auction, she knows immediately that things will not go well. And when she arrives at the Countess’s palace, Raven quickly discovers that the Countess is much less interested in having a baby than experimenting with Raven’s mind and body. Raven can only hope for an escape … and to see Violet again, all the while reminding herself that she is Raven Stirling, and she will survive.

The Handmaid’s Tale
meets The Other Boleyn Girl in a world where brutality and beauty collide. This is a must for anyone desperately awaiting the sequel to The Jewel.

(e)Book Cover Comments


Simplicity 101, perfect, on point, something that captures your eyes with that big fat elegant title. The white background corresponds with the Jewel, and I totally know why it was that way, because there is meaning behind it. Again this is spoiler free, so I won’t say much about it.

As for the US Cover, dark, capturing, gothic, everything that represents what the novella is about.

The Actual Review


You guys don’t even know how hyped I was when Is started reading House of Stones.

The Jewel was about Violet’s POV and what Violet was going through in the House of the Lake. Amy Ewing now gives us this wonderful digital novella by bringing us to see the world from Raven’s POV.

Don’t worry. It’s not a “The Jewel” copy and paste from Raven’s POV. The most fun and interesting bit is when you realise how many parts there are overlapping in story plots in The Jewel. I knew I had to grab the book off my shelf immediately and read it side by side, from both perspectives. It was extremely fun and interesting to read in such a way, and Amy Ewing is a genius for doing so.

In this story we see another cruel side of society in the Lone City, specifically the founding houses. I mean, we all know how things go on in the house of the lake and how the surrogates literally get the super short end of the stick.

I might like Violet better and that she is my favourite character, but Raven is as special as Violet was. For what reason? She is extremely strong willed, and with everything that she went through during her imprisoned time in the House of the Stone, I am extremely amazed, and cried in my mind (sorry I’m not sentimental, so physical tears do not form) because Raven is such a beautiful character in her own special way.

And last but not least, our catchphrase of the book:


I am Raven Stirling. They cannot own me.”

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