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So today I attended this Dale Carnergie Training program that helps improve your confidence, social skills, communication skills, memorization skills etc. It was pretty much boring because firstly, I had no choice since my dad basically forced me to, and secondly I knew 80% of the stuff the coach was saying.

Then this interesting part related to the topic public speaking came along about “sharing an experience that made you learn something about yourself.” And I want to share this story with you guys.

So I’m a half introvert half extrovert, and I’m only more open to people I know better, and can get really shy in starting convos. And that’s when I met Celaena / Aelin in February 2016.

(Quite spoiler free) Celaena was such a strong character, she was someone I really looked up to. Betrayals, being a slave, tortures, harsh life, death, relationships, Celaena had been through all of that. It was not like she was perfect, and it is because she had flaws in her personality, in her behaviour, that made her a person to really learn from. And when Celaena accepted her destiny and became Aelin, that was when she drew out her true potential and could be who she really was and achieved her goals.

So how did that inspire me?

In March, the sign ups for performances in junior prom were up, and so I signed up for it. It was a real challenge for me because I chose to sing a Korean song, but it wasn’t something that was widely accepted by international school kids because it’s a language and culture they didn’t really understand.

And in May, this particular promittee member girl wanted to cut me and this boy out of the performances for junior prom, when she decided on her own without discussing, and the so called main reasons were “their performances aren’t really prom material, and they’re not even that popular so I’m just doing this for their own good.” When she got someone to tell me my performance got cancelled, she couldn’t even come up to me herself and made up this huge ASS excuse. 

I was furious and I asked my other friend in the prom committee to find our what’s wrong. And in the end, she helped me fought back the rights to perform in prom, and I was to make a decision:

  1. Don’t perform because you’re mad,  but they’ll think you ran away.
  2. Perform and show them who’s boss.

And I went for option 2. But I didn’t stop there. I knew I wanted more. Something that would really stand out. And so, I still went with a Korean song. But instead of singing like what all the other performances were, I danced. And everyone loved it at prom.

And so then I knew how much potential I had in myself. And I really want to thank Sarah for breathing life into Aelin, so that she became my inspiration and made me an even better person. More confident and brave.

“You could rattle the stars. You could do anything, if only you dared.”

And so I did.
I expressed myself freely, not afraid of not what others might think of me, and rattled the stars that night.

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